Meet Ragdoll The Cat, The Most Adorable Cat That Looks Like A Giant Cotton Ball

Sky the Ragdoll cat is no ordinary furball.  He’s so covered in cuddly fluff he could pass for a furry cushion with eyes, or just a giant ball of cotton wool.

His big blue eyes and just-visible legs are the only thing that confirms he is not, in fact, another pillow.

“Being active is fine but bed is better.” #skytheragoll #weeklyfluff

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His incredible fur makes him a master of disguise when he’s lying on the carpet.

Where did Sky go?

“Monday can’t find me if I camouflage.” #skytheragdoll #weeklyfluff

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Sky is so often snapped sitting, slouching and lying around that his Instagram says, “I make lazy look good.”

“Human maid!! Come change the channel to Animal Planet.” #skytheragdoll

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Compared to his human he is one enormous cat (even if it is mostly fluff).

“Throw back to when I made the cutest dumbbell ever.” #skytheragdoll #weeklyfluff

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He puts other cats to shame.

“How to sit like a normal cat: lesson one. I failed.” #skytheragdoll #weeklyfluff

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His blue eyes are so striking!

It’s tough finding a comfy spot to sit when you’re bigger than most cushions.

“Showing the pillow what a pillow should really look like.” #skytheragdoll #weeklyfluff

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And although he might camouflage well against carpets, he’s terrible at hide and seek.

“Suck on this succulents. This is my shelf.” #skytheragdoll

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After brushing, Sky’s human can actually make a second cat out of all that extra fur.


All that cuteness has racked up 45k followers on Instagram for this lion kitty.

“Bad hair days should be a real excuse for needing to take a day off work.” #skytheragdoll

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He’s just one chilled out fluffmonster.

“What are my weekend plans? I’ll answer that with a yawn.” #sleepsleepsleep #skytheragdoll #weeklyfluff

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