Easy Steps For Making The Perfect Fluffy Cheesecake

This recipe is so simple – all you do is stir in all the ingredients, dump into ready-made pie crust, cool and enjoy!

Perfect way to not stress about making anything for any function/party! Just don’t forget it in the fridge when you leave!


  • 1 pkg. 8 oz. Cream Cheese, softened
  • 1 TUB 8 oz. Cool whip, thawed
  • Sliced Strawberry’s
  • 1/3 CUP Sugar
  • 1 Ready-to-use graham cracker crumb crust 6 oz.


  1. Beat cream cheese and sugar in large bowl with whisk or mixer until blended.
  2. Stir in cool whip.
  3. Spoon into crust.
  4. Refrigerate 3 hours.
  5. Top with sliced strawberry’s
  6. Enjoy!


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