Parents Bring Home New Foster Child, Weren’t Ready For His Reaction When Meeting Their Dog…

Kari Lewis, a young foster mom living in Portland, Oregon, will tell you that the job of fostering children is hard but rewarding. She explains, “Foster care has been one of the hardest but absolute best things that we’ve ever done.”

Whenever a family brings a new foster child into the home, they worry that the child will have a hard time adjusting, and get comfortable in their new environment. Kari’s mother, Sandi Swiridoff, even feels some challenges as a foster grandmother.

A few years ago, Sandi adopted 11-month-old Reagan, an Australian Labradoodle. At the same time, Kari brought Buddy, an 11-month-old boy, into her home.

foster child meets dog

Reagan and Buddy have been in Kari’s care since then and both turned 3 in February 2017.

foster child meets dog

Ever since Buddy joined the family, the two have been inseparable. Now Buddy and Reagan share their happiness with the world.

foster child meets dog

They dress up together, read together, and spend a lot of time snuggling.

foster child meets dog

And it’s clear they truly love each other.


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