Unlikely Friendship Between A Fox And A Dog Is A Real Life Fairytale

Sometimes, foxes and dogs are more than canine cousins. In the case of Sniffer the fox and Tinni the dog, these two pups are total BFF’s.

Just like the Disney movie The Fox and the Hound, these the pair has been friends nearly their entire lives. They have no idea that their friendship defies natures societal norms. They’re both canines, after all.

fox and dog bestfriends

Tinni’s hooman (who I guess is also Sniffer’s hooman), Torgeir Berge, is a photographer in Norway. He puts his skills to good use by capturing stunning photos of the fuzzy best friends.

Torgeir has a huge property surrounded by woods, giving him plenty of chances to snap pics of the pair’s woodland romps.

fox and dog bestfriends

This unlikely friendship has turned Torgeir into an advocate for stopping the fur trade. He shared his feelings in a Facebook post:

“Foxes are just like dogs in their behavior and personality. It brings tears to my eyes in pure pain when I think about the millions of Sniffers locked inside cages all their lives.”

Perhaps he can change society’s view on foxes through his photos of this fairy-tale friendship.


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