Mother Fox Patiently Waits For These Men To Rescue Her Baby From A Drain

In England, a rescue organization received a call about a little fox who was stuck inside of a drain pipe. He couldn’t make his way out.

fox cub rescued 1

Rescuers with the East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS) didn’t know where the cub was located inside of the drain, so they tried using rods and cameras to find him.  They hoped that perhaps the rods would prompt him to make his way back to the opening of the pipe.

fox cub rescued 2

As the rescuers worked at finding the baby, they were stunned to find that the mother fox had shown up and was watching them intently.

“It was almost as if she knew we were trying to rescue her cub,” said Chris Riddington, the rescue manager at WRAS.

fox cub rescued 3

The rescuers decided to take a short break, in the hope that the cub would come out on his own.

When they came back to try again, one of the rescuers stuck his hand into the pipe…and discovered that he was now in grabbing distance.

fox cub rescued 4

After a few tries, they finally managed to grab the little fox cub and lift him up out of the drain to safety.

fox cub rescued 5

The little fox was a complete mess, filthy and soaking wet…

fox cub rescued 6

…and he seemed completely astonished to see his rescuers, and seemed oblivious to all the trouble he’d caused!

fox cub rescued 7

Once he was cleaned up, WRAS left the little fox in a pet carrier right around the spot where he was rescued. They hoped that the mother fox would come back to retrieve him…and she did.

fox cub rescued 8

Once she had made certain that there was no one else around, the mom helped her baby to make his way out of the carrier and she finally lead him back home where he belonged.

fox cub rescued 9

Instead of deserting her baby, the mom somehow seemed to understand that the rescuers were trying to save her cub, and she waited as long as she had to so that she could be reunited with him once more.

That my friends is love!

fox cub rescued 10

Take a look at the video below to see the amazing rescue:

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