This Family Saw “Free Goat” Listed On Craigslist. They Couldn’t Possibly Expect What They Would Find…

A married couple who enjoys taking wonderful care of their farm animals recently had two of their goats stolen from their farm. When they saw a listing on Craigslist for a “free baby boy goat- just come get him,” they went with high hopes of finding one of their stolen goats. But instead of finding one of the missing members of their farm family, they found a scene so disgusting it horrified them. The goat was there, as listed, but the conditions he was found in were despicable.

The baby goat wasn’t one of their own, but he really needed help. He was found tied to a chain, and he was wrapped around a pole on a lean-to.

He wasn't one of their goats, but he desperately needed help. The baby was found on a chain, wrapped around a pole of a lean-to.

The baby was drenched, shaking all over, and had lost its voice.

The kid was soaking wet, shaking uncontrollably, his voice completely horse.

His face was covered in bites and blood. A couple of dogs had been chasing him around and biting at him.

There was blood and bites all over his face. Two small dogs were chasing and biting him.


The married couple were disgusted by what they saw. They took the little kid home right away. He instantly cuddled in the woman’s lap.

The husband and wife were absolutely appalled by the state he was in. They took the little goat home immediately. He immediately cuddled into the woman's lap.


She got him into the shower, washed him off, and got him good and warm.

She took him into the shower, warmed him up and washed him.


The goat has been given plenty of B vitamins, probiotics, and antibiotics. Its condition is improving.

Now, he has had antibiotics, vitamin B, and probiotics.


He is beginning to recover, but he starts to panic when he can’t find his new parents.

He is slowly recovering, panicking whenever his new parents are out of sight.

The woman who had the goat listed on Craigslist said that it wasn’t her dogs who were attacking it. The couple knew differently, though, judging by the saliva and fresh wounds that the goat was covered in when they first saw. Luckily, they got to him and saved his life.

Source: ViralNova via Pulptastic

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