Rescue Dog Displays How Big His Heart Is. You Can’t Help But Be Touched by What He Did…

Koda is a rescue dog who likes to share. The other night he was given an empty jar of peanut butter, and what he did next surprised and delighted his human.

After taking a few licks, Koda nudged the jar over to his stuffed puppy and offered it some.

“Koda really has a big heart and shows it,” Koda’s human said. “I sat the stuffed dog up next to him but he did the sharing all on his own.” She added, “I wish I had videod it. It was pretty cute!”

Koda stared at it for a few seconds and then quickly took the jar back.

Even though Koda’s human didn’t capture the sweet moment on video she did take these adorable photos!


dogs rescue

Koda is a Pit bull/Jack Russell mix and was rescued from Fairfax County Animal Shelter.

dogs rescue

dogs rescue

What a sweet, sweet dog!

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