Giant Dog Uses His Big Head To Make Elderly Happy

Meet Hank, a loveable giant and English Mastiff who lives with Marie Swanson. Marie got Hank just before her 33-year-old daughter Gina was murdered in her home five years ago. Swanson said:

“He was my main reason for getting out of bed in the mornings. It doesn’t matter what you say to them. It stays with them.”

giant dog comforts seniors

Hank sensed Marie’s pain and knew that she needed a constant and loyal companion, staying with her through stressful events like the funeral and trial. This guy was affectionately named “Hank the Tank,” and he manages to comfort everyone he meets.

The jumbo cuddle bug has now graduated the St. John Ambulance Dog Therapy Program and once a week visits Riverwood Square’s senior home and its residents, many of whom have dementia. Naturally, Hank gets them all to smile again regardless of their conditions.

giant dog comforts seniors

Heather Malazdrewicz of Riverwood Square said, “The visits with Hank often bring back the seniors’ memories of their own childhoods. Seeing Hank, it gets them socially engaged.”

Swanson says her daughter Gina was a huge animal lover and that she would be happy her mother found such a noble purpose for this big guy—she had no idea Hank would be “such a big hit.” Keep up the good work, pup!


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