Meet Gluta, The Happiest Dog In The World Who Survived Cancer

Meet Gluta. She’s the happiest dog with the brightest smile in the world.

Believe it or not, this adorable pooch was actually a former stray on the streets of Thailand with serious medical issues.

When she was brought in to live at a dormitory, her caretakers discovered that Gluta was having problems with her uterus.

She was diagnosed with metritis and had to have her whole uterus removed.

Afterwards, she seemed to feel better for a bit, but things wound up getting worse for Gluta—she had cervical cancer.

Under the loving care of her human, Sorasart Wisetsin, Gluta went through chemotherapy and a surgical laser treatment to remove the tumor.

“After one and a half years, Gluta gradually felt better, better and better. Her sad eyes turned to shine brightly with cheer like never before,” says Wisetsin.

“Gluta is now fully recovered. And from now on, there will be only smile on her face.”

Gluta’s beautiful spirit and heartwarming energy radiates through each picture Wisetsin takes of her. To see more photos of the smiley dog, be sure to follow her on Facebook and Tumblr.


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