Meet The Cat Who Is Famous For Her Unusual Special Trick

Keys the cat, has one of the strangest habits I’ve ever seen from a cat. Keys lives with her dad Peter Mares in California, this crazy cat recently picked up a bizarre and confusing trick, and it has everyone scratching their heads…

This is Keys. Her dad, Peter Mares, calls her “Goal Kitty.” Can you guess why?

goal kitty 1

Keys struck this pose one morning and Peter took a picture of her. Since then, she just can’t stop doing it.

goal kitty 2

He has no idea why she started doing this, but he’s not going to argue with her.

goal kitty 3

After all, how could he? She’s just too cute!

goal kitty 4

“Welcome home, dad!”

goal kitty 5

Everywhere Peter goes, Keys is waiting for him with open arms.

goal kitty 6

This kitty sure has a lot of goals in life.

goal kitty 7

She is not amused by our bad attempt at humor.

goal kitty 8

She also picks the strangest locations to do this.

goal kitty 9

“Netflix? Good choice!”

goal kitty 10

Here’s Peter and Keys with their friend, Kira, a cat lover who takes care of Keys when Peter can’t. They’re one big happy family!

goal kitty 11

Keys is one strange kitty. We may never know why she does what she does, but that’s what makes her adorable!

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