This Little Goat Just Got a Wheelchair. And You Won’t Be Able to Watch Him Without Smiling!

Frostie the baby goat is a VERY jolly, happy soul today, after he was granted a sweet new set of wheels, which has given him some newfound freedom.

This adorable snow goat was previously unable to walk, after having contracted a disease known as joint navel ill shortly after he was born. The condition infected Frostie’s hind joints, leaving them painfully unusable. But that all changed with the introduction of his cart, which, in addition to helping his joints, seems to have given his morale a clear boost as well.

A video of the happy goat, shared by Edgar’s Mission, a nonprofit farm animal rescue sanctuary in Victoria, Australia, shows the newly mobile goat frolicking and wagging his tail.

If his cart looks familiar, that’s because it is: Frostie’s ride comes courtesy of Leon Trotsky, the piglet at Edgar’s Mission who used the ride while he recovered from a crushed pelvis. Yes, those pictures are also adorable.

Photos of Frostie and his new cart, below:

h/t Modern Farmer

Source:  HuffPost

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