Rescuer Spots Great Pyrenees Sitting Roadside, But Her Heart Sinks When She Sees Why…

A 3-year-old Great Pyrenees was spotted sitting alongside a Dallas road alongside his friend who was hit by a truck and killed.  The loyal dog pulled her from the middle of the street onto the grass to keep her out of harm’s way.

He spent hours  lying next to her and guarding her. A heartbreaking photo of the pair went viral in 2015. Although many cars passed the two dogs, it wasn’t until rescuers saw the photo that help was dispatched.

Julie Fennell of Dallas Animal Services arrived at the scene. Julie put him in the back of her car, but the dog continued to search for his buddy.

“Whenever we were driving away from the area, he didn’t realize, I guess, that we had taken her to another car, and he had climbed into the back of my little car and was kind of squishing himself into the window to try to look for her as we were driving away,” she said.

There was good news for the Great Pyrenees. The organization gave the owner three days to come pick up the dog  or he would be released into adoption. Fortunately, there was a huge waiting list to adopt the loyal companion.


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