Meet Booboo The Guinea Pig, The Cutest Pet You’ll See All Week

Guinea pigs, neither Pigs nor Guinean, are friendly pets that can be as small as a rat or even as big as a small dog. Meet Booboo, an absolutely adorable guinea pig that is the muse of a photographer who goes by the nickname “Lieveheerbeestje.” Her photos of little Booboo and friends look like professional fashion shots for Guinea Pig Vogue magazine: they wear hipster glasses, bathe in pink tubs, pose with cute fluffy rabbit ears, chomp on some daisies and wear ribbons in their hair.

When asked how she manages to capture Booboo and her other guinea pigs sitting so still, the photographer explained, on her Deviantart profile, that her animals are very calm: “they just don’t move a lot in front of the camera, I guess I am lucky with that!” Be sure to check out the photographer’s Deviantart page for more adorable Booboo photos!


Source: BoredPanda

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