Handicapped Rescue Duck Is Now Happily Celebrating Her Birthday With Her New Loving Owners

Everyone, meet Lemon! She is a crested Pekin duck born in 2006. Due to neurological issues, she was born unable to walk or even stand on her own. So her friends made her special equipment that enables her to stand up and even scoot around. She’s quite a good little swimmer too.

handicapped duck rescued 1

Her disability hasn’t stopped her from living a happy life, filled with adventures thanks to her loving human Laura Backman. Lemon grew up in a classroom and at home with her friend, who’s a teacher and she loves people, especially youngsters.

handicapped duck rescued 2

handicapped duck rescued 3

Lemon’s favorite past times include cuddling, swimming, preening, eating, and standing in her stand aid or scooter (The Lemobile), and cuddling some more.

Lemon’s friend Laura says that she’s a pleasure to be around and that she’s a quacktastic friend and a lesson in happiness for all who meet her!

handicapped duck rescued 4

Not only did Lemon survive her extremely difficult start in life, she’s happy to say that today is her 10th birthday! This touching story inspired a children’s picture book that can be found on Amazon.

handicapped duck rescued 5

Take a look at the video of Lemon below on some of her wonderful, fun-filled adventures with some of her fantastic friends!

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