Man Rescues 300 Homeless Cats To Honor His Son After He Died In Motorcycle Accident

Chris Arsenault is a retired train conductor living in Long Island, NY. When his son Eric, 24, was killed in a motorcycle accident, he decided to do something to honor his memory.   Since 2006, Arsenault has saved over 300 cats.

It all began when Arsenault found a colony of 30 sick kittens. He took each kitten, one at a time, out of the colony and helped them to recover.

Eventually, his home became a haven for cats and Arsenaultsoon opened the Happy Cat Sanctuary, in memory of his son.

Arsenault said some of the cats living at the sanctuary came from condemned homes, from gangs who wanted to use the cats as bait for dog fighting rings, or from hoarding situations.

The cats have a lot of space and toys at the sanctuary from towers to waterfalls and heated structures.

There is even a special place that the cats can watch chickens!

All 300 cats living at Happy Cat have been a the veterinarian, have been neutered, and are given a lot of TLC.

Many of them are up for adoption. Above is a nice view of the yard and all the structures the cats can lounge and play on.

Here’s how they relax!

Want to see more? Watch the video below.


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