These Military Veterans Are Baring All To Benefit Dogs At Texas Animal Shelters

They’ve already served their country. Now, these military veterans are serving another good cause… and they’re doing it in a rather attention-getting way. They’re stripping down for a calendar to help raise funds for animal shelters.

Last year, photographer Ricki Beason used firefighters for the calendar — but she also realized there was a slight problem with that approach. There isn’t exactly a shortage of calendars featuring scantily-clad sexy firemen. So she figured she needed to come up with a different approach. And the Heartthrobs and Hound Dogs 2016 Calendar was born.

The 2016 calendar features combat veterans from Texas, with each of the branches of the military being represented. Beason felt that it would not only help raise funds for a good cause — dog rescue — but it would also help with raising admiration of service from our veterans. 100% of the proceeds from the calendar go to animal shelters and rescues in Dallas, Houston, and Austin. You can order your copy by visiting Beason’s website.


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