10 Important Things We Can All Do To Help Homeless Pets Besides Adopting

If you’re an animal lover, then you know there are plenty of things we can all do to help local shelters and rescue organizations.  They are always in need of help to get the animals into good homes.

Here are 10 ways you can help homeless animals.   

1. Sew “Adopt Me” Vests And Bandanas

helping homeless animals

These bandanas or vests might help getting these dogs adopted while they’re out on a walk or at an event.

2. Help With Paperwork

helping homeless animals

If you’re a professional or have office experience, volunteer at your local shelter to help with paperwork, documents, filing, etc. 

3. Take A Dog To An Obedience Class

helping homeless animals

Volunteer to take one of their pups to an obedience class, since well-behaved pups are much more likely to get adopted.

4. Offer Up Your Gifts

helping homeless animals

Instead of having a birthday party, suggest your guests bring a gift for the shelter instead of one for you. How about setting up a donation page online to collect “birthday money” for the shelter?

5. Write Copy For Them

helping homeless animals

If you can write or know anything advertising, you can help with the profile ads for the shelters.