Dog Saves Toddler’s Life After She Alerts His Parents

In Brisbane, Australia, two-year-old Alexander Kenny wandered away from his family while they were visiting some friends. None of the adults realized that Alexander was gone, but the family’s 9-year-old dog, Leala did.

Leala probably followed the toddler and luckily she did.  Alexander was found face down, unconscious and in some water near a dam.

Leala immediately knew that something was terribly wrong and ran back to the house barking. David Kenny, Alexander’s Dad, followed his terrier to the dam and found Alexander. David tried to revive his son with CPR for 27 terrifying minutes. The paramedics were able to stabilize Alexander and he was taken to a hospital in Brisbane.

Alexander was put into an induced coma and the doctors told his parents that he would probably have brain damage due to the lack of oxygen. Miraculously, two days later, Alexander woke up and shows no signs of brain damage!

The doctors said David’s CPR is what helped Alexander escape permanent injury, but David is giving all the credit to Leala! 


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