While Out Walking One Night, Courageous Pit Bull Puppy Protects Owner From Rapist Attack

Any dog owner will tell you that their pet is loyal, but if a life were on the line, it’s hard to say how their animal would react. Some pets are ready to stand up and protect their “pack” quicker than others, and they deserve to be recognized when they do.

When Brooklyn woman Maya Fairweather was out walking one night, she was attacked by a strange man. Luckily, she had her boyfriend’s 5-month-old pit bull Apollo with her. Just when Maya’s attacker had her in a vulnerable position, Apollo stepped in and stood his ground.

Maya was letting her boyfriend’s 5-month-old pit bull, Apollo, run loose in a park recently, when she was attacked by an unknown man. She initially thought it was her boyfriend sneaking up on her, though it wasn’t. The man tackled tackled her to the ground but was unaware of Apollo playing nearby.

hero dog

“I fell down on my hands,” Maya said. “I just closed my eyes because they say that if you see their face, they will kill you. I froze. I was really scared.”

That’s when Apollo bit the attacker’s leg. “I heard him say, ‘F–k!’ and I was able to run away. I ran across the street,” Maya said. After he let loose, the attacker ran away and police have yet to find him.

hero dog

“He is a sweet dog. I never thought he would bite anyone. He never bit anyone before. He’s usually very friendly and just jumps on everyone.”

It’s amazing that Apollo knew exactly what to do when his owner was being attacked. What a hero!


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