Homeless Dog In California Rescued During Storm, Then Rescuers Find What She’d Been Hiding…

Earlier this year, Southern California, had one of the worst storms they had seen in awhile. Despite that Hope For Paws was still going out to save animals in trouble.

They received a call about a dog had been homeless for a very long time. Many people were trying to rescue the poor animal, they give her some food and water, but she always ran away, not allowing anyone to get too close.

When the rescuers got there, it was dark and pouring down rain, and she was hiding in a thick bush. They finally were able to break through the bush and get into her den.

Volunteer Eldad Hagar was able to win her trust, and give her some food. It was not until he reached out to touch her, that he noticed what she was hiding.

Underneath this sweet girl was a litter of puppies. She was guarding against the storm.

homeless dog hides puppies

HagarĀ  lifted each puppy out of the den, and the mother gave each one a reassuring lick, letting them know that everything was going to be alright. All eight pups were safe, and so was she.

They volunteers named the dog Rainbow, due to the stormy weather. They named her puppies as well: Thunder, Breezy, Misty, Raindrop, Flash, Bolt, Stormy, and Droplet. They are all happy and healthy!

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