Homeless Dog Gets A Loving Owner After Being Rescued Off The Street

Zuzi, a small dog, lived on the streets and was a victim of abuse. She lived in the parking area of a company building and would get bits of food from the employees, but she wouldn’t let humans get close to her.

Rescuers began feeding Zuzi, but she still wouldn’t allow them to come near her.  The asked a vet for some help and he advised them to give Zuzi a tranquilizer.  When they did, she calmed down considerably, and the rescuers were able to take her in for treatment. She was full of fleas and a few wounds, possibly from other dogs.

Take a look at Zuzi’s heartwarming rescue in the video below:

Thankfully, Zuzi’s doing wonderfully. She loves everyone, and she’s ready for her forever home!

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