Make Your Own Fluffy Marshmallows Right At Home

Store-bought marshmallows are tasty – there’s no denying that. But now there’s a way to whip up your own marshmallows that blow store-bought ones out of the water! The best part is that there are no funky additives and chemicals in your homemade version.

homemade marshmallows 1

For this yummy recipe you’ll need gallatin (2 1/2 tbsp.), cold water (1/2 cup), lukewarm water (1/2 cup), plain corn syrup (2/3 cup), granulated sugar (2 cups), salt (1/4 tsp.), vanilla extract (2 tsp.), cornstarch (1/2 cup) and finally, confectioner sugar (1/2 cup). Once you have all of those items gathered and ready to go, you can start up the video below and follow the easy steps to make your own delicious marshmallows!

homemade marshmallows 2

If all goes to plan and you follow the instructions, you’ll be left with marshmallows that everyone will want to snack on! You can save any leftover marshmallows in an airtight container or ziploc baggie for up to two weeks. This recipe is perfect for summer get togethers and family barbeques!


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