Horse Reaches For Tetherball Outside Stall, Hilariously Shows Off His Athletic Skills

The bay horse in this video totally loves his new tether ball.  While there are countless stall toys available, these balls are just some of the many options that horse owners have.

Horses spend long hours in their stall and toys help to keep horses entertained.  Some horses are so overly energetic that they need to release, and these toys provide them an appropriate outlet.

Sometimes horses have to be put on stall rest to recover from an injury.  That’s when boredom can set in and may start up negative behaviors, like weaving, cribbing, or wood chewing. There are a number of ways to keep a stalled horse entertained and toys is one of them.

When you have a horse on stall rest, you may need to get creative to keep him entertained. Some food toys provide horses with large, hard blocks to lick, that can keep horses occupied for longer periods of time. You can try  rotating toys in and out so that your horse doesn’t get bored with one single toy. With a bit of persistence, we’re sure you can find some ways to keep your horse entertained.


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