Pregnant Woman And Her Dog Share A Miracle On The Same Day

It was a special day for Kami Klingbeil and her husband Joshua, they happily welcomed their second baby, Brydon. On the very same day, their dog Delia also gave birth to nine adorable puppies!  While at the hospital, Kami got a call from her dad telling her that Delia was in labor, too.  

human and dog gave birth

Kami asked her photographer friend, Teresa Raczynski, if she should do a photoshoot with all the newborns together, and just a few days later, that’s exactly what they did!

human and dog gave birth


Raczynsk shared the adorable photos on her Facebook page, Park Avenue Photography. The Klingbeil’s plan on keeping one of the puppies, while all the others have been adopted and one will be trained as a service dog. 


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