Humphrey The Hedgehog Isn’t Your Every Day, Ordinary Pet

Meet Humphrey, the adventure-seeking hedgehog who isn’t content being an every day, ordinary pet. Humphrey’s mission in life is to show other pet hedgehogs that there is another world out there, beyond the mealworms. A life full of meaning is perfectly possible for any pet. And Humphrey isn’t going to rest until he has experienced his fill in life.

Happy birthday!

Busy at the farm.

His piracy antics caused a bit of a political stir. He has since left his old ways behind for more reputable work.

Even Humphrey likes to kick back for some beer and football.

Knowing how to relax is actually quite difficult when you’re a workaholic…

…Humphrey practices daily yoga to help with this.

Quite the regular little chef.

Now he’s just trying to be cute.


Expression through art.

Speed demon.

Humphrey’s lineage actually goes back to the dinosaurs.

Hoggin’ around the Christmas tree.


Building haystacks is actually a lot of hard work.

Top box office hit.

Source: Pulptastic

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