Injured Fox Rescued From Serious Trauma Gets A Second Shot At Life

A little fox named Finn was found in a ditch, and could hardly walk.  There was a man close by, and Finn was intent on dragging himself over to him.

Muhammad was employed as a security guard, and he provided the little fox with something to eat while he waited for help to arrive.

injured fox rescued 2

By the time the wildlife rescuers got there, Finn could hardly move: “The little cub just rolled on his back, unable to run away,” wrote the National Fox Welfare Society, in the U.K., on Facebook.

injured fox rescued 3

He was taken home by his rescuers and they gave him some toast with honey on it. His fondness for eating would soon become quite evident, but for now, the important thing was to get that back leg taken care of which was obviously broken.

While waiting for his surgery to take place, Finn spent his time on pain medicine and savoring specially prepared meals of chicken with honey drizzled over it. He was also provided with a brand new best friend: a stuffed bunny to cuddle with.

injured fox rescued 4

Here’s Finn on the day of his operation, looking just a little bit tense with Dr. Adrian O’Shea at The Avenue Vets – Kettering.

injured fox rescued 5

Thankfully, as it turned out, Finn probably didn’t sustain the injury in an accident. The fracture was most likely caused by malnutrition. Which would explain why the little fox was suddenly so enthusiastic about eating: He wasn’t able to find anything good to eat when he was on his own.

“The fracture is also not a recent one, i.e., just a week,” wrote the National Fox Welfare Society. “It was done some time ago, so it is possible mum could have dumped this little one knowing something was wrong.”

As of Tuesday, Finn is well on his way to a complete recovery – and he’s still ravenous. “Little Finn the fox cub was up and waiting yesterday evening for his cooked chicken supper, and despite the ordeals of the day, devoured the lot,” said the society.

He also spent a bit of his time cuddling with his stuffed bunny.

injured fox rescued 6

And that’s when a minor tragedy occurred: Finn mistakenly devoured his new best friend. Oops! Every once in a while your appetite just gets the best of you.

injured fox rescued 7

Donations to the care of Finn and other foxes just like him can be made to the National Fox Welfare Society through their website.

Take a look at the video below to see another injured Fox rescue. These little guys sure do find themselves in some tough spots!

This video does contain some blood, but the fox is in good hands:

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