Istanbul’s Most Famous Cat Is Honored With His Very Own Statue

Few cats are remembered by the world. Everybody will remember the late and great Tombili however, because the famously laid-back feline just got immortalized with its very own statue.

Tombili rose to fame when somebody snapped and shared a photograph of it chilling in a ridiculously relaxed pose on the streets of Istanbul. The cat soon became an internet legend and so, when it passed away in August, it seemed only right that it was honored in the real world as well. Now the feline’s lackadaisical pose has been eternalized in the form of a bronze statue that’s just been unveiled in the very spot where Tombili was originally photographed showing the world how to chill in style. It’ll forever be there to remind us that in this increasingly hectic world of ours, sometimes we need to take a moment to relax.

Tombili the cat passed away recently but it will never be forgotten.


Because somebody made a statue!


It’s made of bronze and it sits in the same spot where Tombili was snapped in its famous pose.


Cats in the neighbourhood came to pay their respects to Istanbul’s most famous feline.


The statue was unveiled on October 4th to coincide with World Animal Day.


Tombili’s memory will now live on forever.




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