Her Powerful Audition On “The Voice Holland” Left The Judges In Absolute Awe

Jennie Lena, performed a powerful rendition of “Who’s Loving You,” written by Smokey Robinson and made famous by a young Michael Jackson. Jennie’s performance was so remarkable that she won over the judges before she even finished her first note – talk about starting with a bang. By the end of the song, the show’s four judges were standing in pure awe or hunched over in disbelief. Jena finished with a flurry of powerful notes that showed off the insane vocal range she possesses.

Jennie moved on to the next round, but eventually lost in the finals. While she may have lost the competition, she more than won in the eyes of her fans and in the eyes of music producers, who are lining up to sign her. Jennie’s original audition video has racked up over 5 million views on YouTube and has earned her fans all over the world. With a talent like that, Jennie is sure to be on the verge of a special career.


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