After A Young Man Found Two Kittens On A Dirt Road, He Rescued And Provided Them With A New Chance At Life

Eighteen-year-old Hamdan Shibli was on his usual route to work in Israel when things took a strange turn. On the dirt road, he found three tiny kittens, huddled together and terrified. After looking around to see if their mother was anywhere nearby, he decided to move them off the road.

But shortly after moving the kittens to a patch of roadside bushes, Hamdan realized that these weren’t just any kittens…they were special.

When Hamdan found the kittens on a dirt road in Israel, their mother was nowhere in sight. He had no choice but to move them off the road.

jungle cat rescue 1

Hamdan decided to place them carefully in some bushes until their mother came back.

jungle cat rescue 2

After posting his pictures of the kittens online, he realized that they weren’t regular cats. They were actually jungle cats, a large wild cat native to Asia!

jungle cat rescue 3

He rushed back to where he’d left them and found them in the same spot. They were weak, and their mother still hadn’t returned.

jungle cat rescue 4

They were all in very bad shape and covered in ticks, so he placed them in a basket and took them to get help.

jungle cat rescue 5

Tragically, one of the kittens was in very bad shape and didn’t make it.

jungle cat rescue 6

But there was still hope for the other two.

jungle cat rescue 7

They were brought to a wild animal hospital for treatment.

jungle cat rescue 8