Actor Justin Theroux Fell In Love With A Senior Shelter Dog Named Izzy And Once You See Her, You Will Too

As a part of a road trip through Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, Justin Theroux stopped in Austin – the capital (no-kill!) city of Texas – and met his newest girl crush at shelter,Austin Pets Alive!. Izzy is listed as a 12-year-old Retriever/Labrador mix who, as Theroux put it, “would love to see the outside of the shelter”.

He didn’t make Izzy a Theroux-Aniston, however. While Justin and Jennifer have been outspoken advocates in adopting not shopping, together they already have seven rescue dogs.

As Austin 360 originally reported, this isn’t the first time the actor has shared his spotlight with a pooch in need; less than two months ago he featured a Staffie named Reggie from Battersea shelter in London and, thankfully, it looks like Reggie found his forever home about a month later!

Justin Theroux dog

As for Izzy, she is still available for adoption. As an Austinite, I love living in a city that gives strays like Izzy a chance, but our shelters are packed with animals just waiting for their forever families to come pick them up! Check out Izzy’s bio at Austin Pets Alive! and watch her in action:

First Theroux’s wife was named People Magazine’s “World’s Most Beautiful Woman” and now he’s discovered Izzy – Justin sure has good taste in women!


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