Husky Puppy Who Endured Horrific Abuse Makes Miraculous Recovery With New Family

Ranch Dog Rescue discovered Kane, the husky, the 5-month-old pup in horrible shape. His owners, a Marine couple, had kept his muzzle closed with rubber bands for so long that he had to scar down to the bone. They tied his back legs, which were broken, and his teeth were rotten.

He was immediately placed into intensive care, and everyone hoped he would be able to pull through, but his recovery wouldn’t be easy.

Despite his horrific injuries, Kane’s surgeries were a success! “I could not have asked, or hoped, for a better prognosis. All three veterinarians who treated Kane agree that the extent of his injuries is a clear sign of neglect and the result of severe abuse,” said Maureen Keo, founder of Ranch Dog Rescue.

“Now, Kane finally has a voice but best of all, he has found a home.” And a new furry sibling!

Kane was eventually adopted by a family that has experience dealing with pups with special needs.

He was so excited about his new home! Can you blame him?

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