Girl Posts A Confession On Facebook That Will Make You Stop And Think…

This person is Megan. It took me a while o find you, and a lot of Facebook creeping, but I did it. Now to you, I’n just a stranger, but to me, you’re the reason I’m still here today.

About a month ago, it was pouring rain and my sister and I were walking down Marshall St, both just wearing black dresses. You saw us, ran across the road, and offered us your umbrella. At first we wouldn’t accept it, but you insisted. Saying ‘no don’t worry about it! I’m almost home anyways, and I have these rain boots so I’m set! Then you gave it to us, told us to have a good day, and continue on your way.

What you don’t know though is that the reason we were in those black dresses is that we had been at our mother’s funeral earlier that day. And that evening, I was planning on committing suicide.

Your small act of kindness towards my sister and I, two complete strangers to you, reminded me just how amazing this world and the people in it can be. You brought the only real smile I had that day to my face, and you made me rethink the horrible thought that was running though my head. Now, every time it rains, I use that umbrella and remember what you did for me.

Even though you may not have thought that your act was a big deal at the time, it was. So this goes for everyone: please keep smiling and spreading that joy, because you never know what kind of impact you can have on those around you.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you. So much!


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