They Couldn’t Figure Out Why Their Kitten’s Nose Was Swelling Until Vet Pulled This Out…

This tiny kitten had a terribly swollen nose when her owners brought her to the vet. Her nose was swelling so quickly; she could barely keep her head up.

Dr. Farrington, their veterinarian, performed a quick examination and delivered shocking news. She could not believe what she found in the kitten’s nose!

kitten nose swelling

Dr. Farrington knew she had to act quickly in order to save the kitten’s life. Putting a kitten this size under anesthesia can be very dangerous.

kitten nose swelling

She wrapped the kitten in a blanket for his safety and Dr. Farrington already had an idea of what she would find when she excavated the kitten’s nose.

kitten nose swelling

Watch this whole video below to see what hiding inside this kitten’s nose!

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