They Thought A Package Was Being Delivered, Found Something Entirely Different When Opening The Door…

Usually, when there is a box on your doorstep, it is a UPS or FedEx package. However, this couple opened the door to find a crying kitten in a box.

They were confused and had no idea where he came from. He was well taken care of, but it appeared his previous owners just didn’t want to care for him any longer.

“We don’t know who dropped him off, or anyone who had kittens recently. I think whoever had him before took care of him, but didn’t have the means to keep him for whatever reason and thought we could for some reason,” said the couple.

kitten on doorstep

And it seemed to be meant to be. The couple already have 2 other cats that they rescued as strays, saving them both from dangerous situations.

“One we had found at the river starving and took her in, the second showed up one day at our doorstep after a fight. He was covered in blood so we patched him up and got him fixed and he never left,”

So once they saw the little baby, they couldn’t turn him down. They immediately gave him some food and water, and within moments, went right up to the couple, and began to cuddle up against them. It seemed as if he already chose them to be his new family.

“He loves to play and cuddle. So far he’s been a good cat and in just a few days he’s been with us, has settled in nicely. He’s even learned not to be afraid of my Scottish Terrier and that he stalk and pick on her. She loves him,” the couple said.

After a few days, they decided it was time to take the kitten to the vet, where they said that Sirris, the kitten, was in perfect condition.

kitten on doorstep

And it’s safe to say that this kitten is absolutely loving his new home. He loves bedtime with the couple, and snuggling into their hair and messing around.

“I’ve discovered that he likes to sleep on his back with his legs stretched out. He also loves to sleep in my girlfriend’s hair if he can.”

We are so happy that this little baby was dropped off at this caring and loving home, and we are even more thankful that they decided to keep him and give him the best possible life!

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