Driver Notices Something Strange On The Road, Stops To Get A Closer Look…

While Matt was driving along a road, he noticed something crawling on the side of the road, so he pulled over to see what it was. He was not expecting to see this little lady!

When he got a closer look, he discovered that it was a baby kitten.

“I found this little lady in the middle of a busy street, so I stopped to pick her up. She was crawling in the street in an area only surrounded by woods, so she was either born there and the mother did not get to transfer the whole litter, or someone just dumped her,” wrote Matt.

kitten on road

Matt took her to the vet the next day because she was covered in fleas. Once they got home, the kitten fell asleep, and Matt did not have the heart to wake the sweet pea, so they stayed in the truck for about an hour until she woke up.

Matt joked that he found a stray that snores as loud as a train! Despite all of that, he fell in love with the little lady. However, there was one problem.

kitten on road

“I’m stupid allergic so I had to find her a home. I actually interviewed two people who wanted her and told the first person no because the living situation didn’t sound like it would be good for he,” said Matt.

Eventually, he found her the perfect and loving home. The family who adopted her also have another rescue cat, and they get along very well!

kitten on road

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