Kitten Is Successfully Rescued After Getting Trapped In A Marble Tomb

One worker at this cemetery in Brazil got the scare of a lifetime while he was doing his rounds and heard something strange coming from one of the old family tombs.

He heard a strange sound coming from inside one of the marble tombs.


But it wasn’t a ghost hiding inside. When cemetery officials arrived and looked closer they realized it was… a trapped kitten.


How were they going to get the poor thing out of there? They were left with no choice but to dismantle the grave, with the owner’s permission, and bring in the local animal rescue organization.


With the front of the grave removed, the team realized that if they were going to get the kitten, they were going to have climb INSIDE.


Luckily, one brave volunteer agreed to make the scary journey and before long he reappeared with the meowing and frightened kitten in hand.


Other than being a little dehydrated, the kitten was doing just fine.


Rescuers think that the kitten was hidden in the grave for safekeeping by his mother, who, for whatever reason, was unable to come back for him.


However he wound up in the cemetery, he’s safe now. Thank goodness that passing gardener heard his cries!


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