Foster Parents Noticed These Kittens Had Odd Appearance, Vet Reveals They Were Born Without Eyelids

These two cuddly, little kittens Dora and Felix were found stumbling down the roadside in New South Wales, Australia. The loving couple that rescued the adorable siblings brought them home with them. Not long after rescuing them, they realized there was something very odd about the kittens’ appearance…

Dora and Felix were brought to the RSPCA’s Blue Mountain Shelter for an evaluation.  Once the vets examined them, they realized these kittens were born with no eyelids!

“Without corrective surgery, the kittens were likely to go blind within a year,” wrote Patrick Jones of RSPCA NSW on his blog.

“Thanks to the amazing vets from the Eye Clinic for Animals (in Sydney), the surgery that Felix and Dora so desperately needed was made possible.” After coming out of surgery, the kittens had new eyelids and a very happy outlook on life!

“Their foster carer would love to see the pair adopted together, but they would also thrive on their own,” wrote Jones.

Just take a look at these adorable kittens in the photos below:


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