Clever Dog Has A Hilarious Way To Keep His Owner At The Park A Little Longer

No dog ever wants to leave the park voluntarily. Evidently, not this dog. He’s so fond of this thin slice of liberty, that he’d do just about anything to get to stay there.

Including, faking his own DEATH!


In a YouTube video that was posted back in 2013, this golden retriever offers us an Oscar worthy performance in acting. He collapses on the ground and it appears as though his time is up, just because, seemingly, his time at the dog park is up.

But his understanding owner sees right through his charade – it probably isn’t the first time that the dog practiced his acting skills – and he carefully attempts to lift him off the ground.

Nope, his owner seems to be saying, it’s just time for us to go.

If only there were some strong tool or gadget or even a magical elixir that could bring this poor pooch back to life. If only…STICK?!

Yes, a stick is just the ticket!

One moment later, the dog is anything but dead, on his feet and up and away – leaving gales of laughter in his wake.

We’re not exactly sure where this scene took place – some YouTube commenters believe that it happened in Piedmont Park in Atlanta, Georgia.

But, to be honest, we all know that this kind of thing happens in your neighborhood every day. However, it does take a special kind of dog to pull off a virtuoso performance like this one.


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