5 Valuable Lessons You Should Learn From Your Dog

1. Forgive And Forgetlife lessons from dog 1

Dogs don’t hold grudges, and neither should we…even if that means forgiving them for gnawing on our favorite pair of designer shoes (ahem).

2. Life Is A Gamelife lessons from dog 2

For dogs, everything is a toy. Throw pillows, laundry (dirty or clean), plastic recyclables, and also attempting to put a harness on them without a high speed living room chase is impossible. I’ve learned to accept it.

3. Honesty Is The Best Policylife lessons from dog 3

Dogs don’t lie. They wear their emotions very well. When they’re sad, their ears pin back. When they’re scared, their tails tuck. When they’re happy, their tails swoosh back and forth. The point is, it’s usually pretty easy to tell how they’re feeling, and communication is the key to a healthy relationship.

4. Don’t Be Afraid To Get Messy life lessons from dog 4

Dogs are not afraid to get dirty from rolling in mud or leaving your car or apartment messy. Why? Because it was fun! Their little act of rebellion was about enjoying life in the moment.

5. Love With Your Whole Heartlife lessons from dog 5

Dogs remind us that there is nothing wrong with showing affection toward loved ones, and to never take for granted the time we have with them.  


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