Man Captures Precious Footage When He Tries To Get Close To Lion Cubs

Chris Bray Photography, based in Australia, is an internationally renowned company that runs a small-group private photo safaris, in Kenya, Alaska, Galapagos, Amazon, Patagonia, Australia and more. While going to these amazing locations, Chris always has his GoPro camera on.  He has had the camera chewed by polar bears and lions, bumped by elephants, seals, falcons and more.

Recently, Chris was on a photo safari when he spotted a Lioness and her two baby cubs. He stopped the jeep for some photos, and the two baby lion cubs got curious and came over to check out the GoPro. One of the lions cubs was a bit more courageous than the other, and got up close and personal with the GoPro. You’ll see just how curious he was on the video below!


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