Adorable Lion Refuses To Go Anywhere Without His Blanket

No matter how much you love them, not every animal is meant to be kept as a pet. Unfortunately, that didn’t stop one family from illegally taking in a lion cub.

But when they realized they couldn’t take care of the little guy, they did everything to get rid of him… and that’s when his story really began.

In 2014, Vicky Keahey of In-Sync Wildlife Rescue and Educational Center got a call about a three-month old lion named Lambert. A private owner had illegally purchased the lion for his children who wanted a Simba of their own after seeing The Lion King. Yet they quickly realized that they couldn’t take care of Lambert, so it was up to Vicky help.

lion plays with blanket 1

Unfortunately, their work was far from over after they brought Lambert into his new enclosure. Lambert experienced a great deal of anxiety. He didn’t know how to adjust to his new environment, and since living a domesticated life didn’t allow him to adapt to the natural world, he couldn’t be released back into the wild.

lion plays with blanket 2

However, Vicky learned that Lambert used to sleep in the bed with the previous family’s grandfather, and that gave her an idea: she gave Lambert a nice, warm blanket. Immediately, he relaxed and went to sleep.

lion plays with blanket 3

Lambert soon became more comfortable with his new home. He especially liked it when the blanket was fresh and warm out of the dryer.

lion plays with blanket 4

Lambert still sleeps with his blanket as a full-grown adult lion, and it’s still adorable. Vicky brings him a different blanket every night.

lion plays with blanket 5

He is never far from his blanket, but he has other interests now, too. He likes to put his feet in plastic supply tubs, and he even enjoys skateboarding around the facility!

lion plays with blanket 6

A worker at the center even had a skateboard built just for him!

lion plays with blanket 7

Lambert also likes to destroy trash cans…

lion plays with blanket 8

…and loves to play in this fountain to escape the intense Texas heat.

lion plays with blanket 9

It’s great that Lambert found such a special place with such special people.

lion plays with blanket 10

While he has a lot of growing up to do, this king of the jungle is still just a cute little cub at heart!

lion plays with blanket 11

Watch him in action right here!


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