Lioness And Her 8 Cubs Pose For The Most Loving Family Portrait You Have Ever Seen

While photographer Barbara Fleming was at the Serengeti Loliondo Conservation, she luckily captured a once-in-a-lifetime shot of this lion family in Tanzania. A lioness and her 8 lovely cubs obediently lined up and looked directly at the camera as if instructed.

Although the cubs belonged to 3 different lionesses, they became one big, happy family for the camera!

The population of these majestic animals is rapidly decreasing, and the number of the big cats plummeted from 450,000 in the early 1940’s to only 20,000 now.

lioness and cubs photos 1

lioness and cubs photos 2

lioness and cubs photos 3

lioness and cubs photos 4

lioness and cubs photos 5


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