Dog Takes Them To A Field Behind Their Apartment, Where They Unexpectedly Found This Kitten…

This is the story of Opie and Roscoe. Opie was playing in a field that was behind the apartment building he lived in with his mom, Lia.

That’s where he first discovered a tiny kitten stuck under a log.


The kitten was just a couple of days old and it was in bad shape. But Opie wasn’t about to just leave him there! So, Lia and Opie rescued the baby from under the log and brought him to the vet. The kitten was soon named Roscoe.


Roscoe was given his check-up and a bath and showed signs of improvement. When he was about ten days old, Roscoe opened his eyes!


Roscoe and Opie love snuggling with each other.


Lia used a tiny bottle to feed Roscoe when he was just a baby!




Here’s Roscoe and his canine siblings.


Here’s Roscoe at 16 weeks old.  Don’t you just LOVE those markings?


Roscoe is now a full grown cat, and he and Opie are as close as ever!


If Opie didn’t Roscoe, he would never have survived.

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