These Adorable Pets And Their “Mini Me” Counterparts Are Just Too Cute

These animals have adorable little look-alikes and they are sure to put a smile on your face!

1) “What? We weren’t doing anything…”

2) “We look the same head to tail!”

3) These two even have a matching “M” on their foreheads. Cute!

4) “Someday, you’ll also develop this mean scowl.”

5) “Please, mom, PLEASE!” 🙂

6) Look at those eyes!

7) “Walk slowly, these little legs can’t keep up!”

8) “We’re safe from everything up here.”

9) “Are you… are you my father?”

10) Sharing her favorite furry blanket. 🙂

11) “I’ll just stay under here.” 😛

12) “And right here is where you will find the treats.”

13) “Am I doing it right, dad?”

14) “Let’s go!” 🙂


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