Mailman Realizes Dog Who Has Greeted Him For Years Is Struggling, Does This To Help…

Boulder, Colorado mailman Jeff Kramer is greeted daily by a friendly dog named Tashi.  Every time he dropped off mail at the canine’s house, Tashi would run down the stairs to meet him. 
mailman helps dog

Tashi’s owner Karen Dimetrosky said Tashi “adores” Jeff. “He gets very excited whenever Jeff arrives to deliver the mail. He’d bound out the door and down the steps of their Boulder home just to see his friend. He has always wagged his tail and pulled us over to his mail truck. He will now get off his bed and come greet Jeff at the door when he delivers a package.”

Unfortunately, due to his age (14), Tashi was having a hard time physically getting up and greeting this favorite postal carrier. When Jeff noticed that his four-legged buddy was struggling to climb up and down the front porch steps to see him, decided to do something about it.
Jeff’s own dog, Odie, passed away five years ago. Before Odie passed on, Jeff had constructed a ramp for Odie who also had difficulty getting up and down the stairs. He knew this is exactly what Tashi needed!

“I didn’t realize how much trouble (Tashi) was having until I saw them actually carry him up the stairs. I remembered my dog having the same problem, and it’s sad.”
mailman helps dog

Jeff took the wood from Odie’s ramp and constructed one for Tashi. Karen said it’s been a great tool for Tashi, helping with his mobility and allowing him to see his best friend, Jeff.

“He can walk in and out of the front door and down to the yard independently. He potentially prolonged his life because my husband and I both pulled our back out by lifting Tashi on and off the porch. It has enabled the kids to take him out front also and given Tashi a sense of independence and dignity as an older dog. Jeff is just a compassionate letter carrier who possesses a love for animals.”

It was a bit emotional for Jeff to take the ramp he built for his best friend Odie,  but he knew it was for a great cause.

“I had the pieces. They had the need. That’s just what you should do is take care of people that need taking care of and dogs that need taking care of.”


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