20 Years After Losing Her Own Leg, She Has Instant Connection With Amputee Great Dane

Maja Kazazic was a 16-year-old girl living in war-torn Bosnia in 1993, when tragically, a bomb landed on her village.  The bomb killed all six of the friends who were with Maja.   Maja miraculously survived the bombing, but sadly, after her right leg got infected, the doctors had to amputate it from the knee down.

Eventually, Maja evacuated Bosnia and came to the United States. She not only learned to live life as an amputee, she became active in all sorts of sports and activities. She even became a successful motivational speaker. Maja could never shake the stress and anxiety she experienced as a result of the horrible nightmare she faced as a teen.

After nearly 20 years had passed since the bombing, a clinician mentioned to Maja that she meet a sad Great Dane puppy named Rosie. Soon after Rosie was born, her mother stepped on her leg and broke it in half. Rosie’s leg got infected, and vets had to amputate it from the knee down.

To make matters worse, Rosie’s owner wanted to euthanize her. And just like Maja once was, Rosie waited at death’s door.

Watch the video below to find out what happened when Maja and Rosie met face to face. 


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