Two Abandoned Squirrels Get The Gift Of A New Family When Mother Cat Adopts And Treats Them As Her Own

When a mother cat had just given birth to her own litter of kittens, she was happy to adopt two orphaned baby squirrels. “We found a baby squirrel under our porch with no signs of a mother. He was shivering and barely breathing. We took him inside,” wrote the human who discovered the first orphaned baby squirrel. After a vet visit for a consultation, they decided to put the little squirrel in next to the mother cat, in the hopes that she would accept it as one of her own. It didn’t take very long for the cat mama to realize that the little baby was there, and she immediately started taking care of it and nursing it along with her own kittens.

“Two days after the first squirrel, she came back from under the porch with another one…she carefully placed it next to the kittens and squirrel #1.”

The mother cat adopted a little-orphaned squirrel that the family had saved from under the porch.


She took it upon herself to care for and nurse the little squirrel along with her own kittens.


Two days later, the good little mama found another squirrel under the porch and brought it home.


She gently placed it right next to the first squirrel and began to mother them as though they were her own.

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