Homeowner Discovers Woodpecker’s Secret Stash While Renovating His Pool House

Mark Von Thaden of California, decided to make some renovations on his pool house and to his surprise, he soon discovered that someone else had been hard at work there already.

Without his knowledge, a diligent bird renovated the structure as a storeroom for his snacks.

man finds woodpecker's acorns

When Von Thaden peeled back the insulation lining the walls and unleashed an endless amount of acorns, that was evidently the hard-earned bounty of a local woodpecker.

Watch this video to see just how many acorns fell out!

Von Thaden had to clean up all those acorns.

Woodpeckers typically use their beaks to bore holes into solid wood, once they are done, they jam their food into it to store for later. In Von Thaden’s pool house the walls were hollow, so the acorns probably all fell out of the bird’s reach.

man finds woodpecker's acorns

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