They Went Fishing In This River, What They Found Instead Is Unbelievable

Talk about a whole new meaning to the term “catfishing.” Jason Frost, a resident of Hueytown, Alabama, and his friend Brandon Key were out on a stretch of the nearby Warrior River when they heard something in the water, but couldn’t tell what it was … until it got close enough for them to hear the meows. An orange tabby kitten, barely a few months old swam right up to the boat before Frost picks it up out of the water. Not long after, the first kitten’s twin brother joins them too.

According to Frost, there are no homes or camps nearby so the kittens were almost certainly abandoned there on purpose, Thankfully the story has a happy ending: after coming ashore, Frost encountered two little girls who were very willing to provide the kittens with a nice home. The video, which was originally uploaded to Facebook, already has 1.6 million views and counting, with the vast majority of folks praising the two men for doing the right thing.


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