Man Gives Away His Dog As A ‘Stray’. Then Some Rescuers Tell Him This…

When a man came into a shelter with a “stray” dog to give away, the staff didn’t quite believe him.  The more they got to know the dog, the more they were sure that the pit bull belonged to the man.  He had excellent behavior and social skills, not even remotely acting like a stray.

The dog was handed over to Bad Rap, a group that trains and takes care of pit bulls, so they could work with him a bit before finding a new forever home.

It was anyone’s  guess as to why he was abandoned, but they were thankful to the previous owner for doing such a great job raising him. So they wrote this note hoping he’d see it:

“Dear Former Owner of this dog. I hope you recognize your bully from this photo … We just wanted to let you know that…

No one knows what went wrong to prevent you from keeping him (housing? hard times? illness?) but we’re guessing it must have killed you to walk back to your car without him.”

man gives dog away as stray

The pit bull ended up at this shelter for an unknown reason, but his former owner sure seemed to give the dog lots of love and care.  The group had these final, reassuring words:

“All is well. Your boy is safe. Blessings to you, wherever you are.”


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